The Backyard That Blooms - Sticker Sheets

The Backyard That Blooms - Sticker Sheets


Mood Collection: Slow Living in an Italian Town

I wanted to paint a scene that depicts daily things that should be enjoyed & slowly savored, imagine living in a town where time passes slowly and people around hang clothes, sip on coffee or tea, pick up bread from the store or simply just sit in the backyard and watch the sunset.

These sticker sheets consist of fragments of the illustrations from the collection for you to decorate your journal spreads. They are super versatile - the normal sheet consists of rectangular (to resemble tape design) and circular cuts. There is also a circle palette version that contains only circle stickers, and these circle stickers are slightly larger than the ones in the normal sheet.

Printed on matte sticker paper + sprayed with coat of protective spray to help prints last longer.

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