Cloud Chronicles #2: Entrance to Cielestial

Cloud Chronicles #2: Entrance to Cielestial


previously in the cloud chronicles, i was invited to a tour of Cielestial and i accessed the portal via the laundromat in Tokyo, and this drawing i did depicts what i see when i first enter Cielestial. lots of cloudpuffs roaming around, and the place was extremely quiet and peaceful. you could feel the light wind against your skin and in the background played a tune of soft instrumental music coming from the snow-cream shop which i noticed was very popular amongst the cloudpuffs. don’t you just wish you could live here?

not sure what’s going on? head on over to our Instagram to find out the backstory, or look up the hashtag #ITMFxCloudChronicles on Instagram!

this print is approx. 13.5cm x 9.5cm, printed on thick card stock (thickness of a postcard).

it acts as a keepsake of my artwork for you and you can use it to decorate your wall, your desk or even send it to a friend as a card by writing a note behind. try to avoid the prints from being exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods to maintain them for a longer time.

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