Little Things Printable Planner Set (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

Little Things Printable Planner Set (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)


Featuring a printable version of this planner designed by me, that features a monthly calendar view, a weekly view and a daily view. It is in a format that I have been using for myself for the past few months, which allows you to plan your days to maximize your productivity, and also allows space to keep yourself inspired, help you practice gratitude weekly & daily, track your daily energy/mood levels and keep track of the self-care things you have done for yourself each day.

I enjoy using this planner as an alternative to my bullet journal because of the convenience of a template that has already been set out, plus the colors puts me in such a good mood & I find that it brightens up my space to help me stay inspired.

I have also added some written samples of how I would use the different layouts to plan my month/week/day so you could better understand how you could use them in your life! - Zoom in to see clearer!

You will receive 1x PDF file (A4 size, 300dpi & CMYK mode) containing the three layouts (monthly, weekly, daily) of this planner set to print at your own convenience in unlimited quantities.

In your file, you will receive two versions of the Monthly & Weekly planner, one begins with Sunday and the other begins with Monday. Both will be available in the PDF file so you can use either one depending on which you’d prefer! 

You will not receive a physical copy of this.

After completing your purchase, a download link will be provided to you at your order completion page, and the same download link will also be sent to you to your email.

Note: The colors of your print might vary slightly depending on properties eg. the printer / print settings that you use. I recommend printing at the highest printer settings possible! Do not hesitate to contact me via email or Instagram should you have any queries.

*For personal use only.

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