Tale of Sky Collector - Sticker Sheet

Tale of Sky Collector - Sticker Sheet

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I’ve always loved cutting out words and sentences from old book pages and I thought how nice it would be if I could have an entire page of words & sentences that expresses my inner feelings, yet at the same is able to tell a meaningful story as a whole.

And so that was how this old book page sticker sheet came about. The entire page contains words written by me, with cuts inserted at the end of different phrases and sentences for you to use in your journal spreads!

This comes in two sizes, the mini & the regular. The main difference in the both of them is the size of the words, so it ultimately is up to your personal preference!

Mini - This is the smaller version of the two and the words on this sticker sheet is slightly smaller so if you like to decorate your journal spreads with intricate details or if you have smaller handwriting, I feel like this would go really well with your spreads.

Regular - This is the larger version of the two, and the size of this page is almost the same size as those books off the shelves that you’d read! As the size of this is close to the size of an actual book page, the size of the words in this sticker sheet would also be similar to that.

You can see the comparison of the words from the two sticker sheets in the last photo! (refer to the sentence: the moon on my lips)

If you can’t decide, there is an option for you where you can choose to purchase the bundle and you’ll get both sheets at a slightly discounted price!

These are printed on matte sticker paper + sprayed with a coat of protective spray to help prints last longer.

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