The Imperfect Ones (Pack of 5)

The Imperfect Ones (Pack of 5)

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these are some imperfect stickers which have surfaced in the production process, and have been evaluated to be less than deserving for the full price. this is to reduce wastage as these stickers are still very much useable!

they are categorized into two categories:

slight imperfections : may contain slight misalignment in cuts, almost as good as new

noticeable imperfectionsmay contain noticeable misalignment in cuts, slight bents in sheets, minor ink fades due to printer running out of ink

this is a good chance for you to get extra stickers at a cheaper price!

comes in a pack of 5, picked at random, may contain repeated designs in a pack, depends on what I have on hand.

please only purchase if said imperfections do not bother you!


printed on matte sticker paper
+ sprayed with a coat of protective spray to help the prints last longer.


while stocks last.


while this is a space to put out imperfect stickers that have inevitably surfaced during the production process, I will still stick to my belief of not selling something that I would not use and therefore I would only include stickers that still have their designs within the cuts even though the cuts are misaligned.

Level of Imperfection:
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