Enamel Pins: Collection #1

Enamel Pins: Collection #1

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I designed these enamel pins with the intention of combining some of the things that inspire me (the sky & magical things) and putting them together into something that you can carry around in your daily lives! I hope these magical enamel pins inspire you as much as they inspire me, each pin is designed with a message behind them to remind you to be aligned with your best self.

realm of tranquility

details: a doorway leading to a peaceful paradise with a quiet night sky, mountains and a calming sea.

this pin acts as a reminder that there is always a realm of tranquility within you, also known as your inner peace. only you have the ability to open or close that doorway, nothing else & no one else has the ability to do so. in situations where you are feeling anxious, stressed or plagued by any other negative feelings, remember that you control your thoughts and you will always have the power to tap into your realm of tranquility and control how you are feeling at any moment. wear this pin to enhance your ability to tap into your own realm of tranquility with better ease!

here and now

details: a beautiful night sky within a pocket watch with moon phase details that you can carry around with you all the time. time just stops in the now, where everything is magical and breathtaking. remember to take moments out of your day to look up in the sky to appreciate the beauty of the universe.

this pin acts as a reminder for you to always stay in the now and be mindful of your present moment because that‘s when all the magic happens. in this present moment, you have the power to achieve anything that you set your mind to. stay focused on the here and now, the past is gone and the future is not guaranteed. all you have is now.

the only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. that’s all there ever is.” - eckhart tolle

as above, so below

details: an hourglass where the upper portion is filled with the sky and the lower portion is filled with the earth.

this pin acts as a reminder that the sky and the earth are always interconnected and what happens above is always correlated with us: our physical selves, our mind and our daily lives. you‘ll realize that the universe is always working its magic to lead us to where we’re meant to be if you pay enough attention. no events in our lives are coincidental and everything happens for a reason to lead us to be the best version of ourselves. wear this pin to tap into the magic of the universe, and to enhance your ability to look out for signs from the universe & stay aligned with your higher self.

“as above, so below. as the universe, so the soul.”

these are hard enamel pins & each pin comes with a backing card that has a message below that you can tear out and keep if you’d like!

note that the pins will look different at different angles because of the light that reflects off the silver portions of the pin! i have included photos of them at different angles so you can see how they look :-)

can’t choose? there’s a bundle of three so you can purchase all three pins at a special price!

I hope you guys love these! I also hope for you to feel like part of the itmf family when you wear these pins! x

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