Self Care Kit

Self Care Kit

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The self care kit is designed with the purpose of encouraging and rewarding you for doing more self care things for yourself. It is also to help you to incorporate these self care habits into your lifestyle easier, and if you already have an existing habit of doing all these self care things in your lifestyle, then it is to help you to keep track of them and keep up with them in the long run. It can be easy to neglect taking time to practice self care amidst all our commitments such as work and school, but this is here to remind you to do that more often.

As the purpose of this is to help you keep up with these self care habits in the long run, you don’t have to worry about the supplies running out. With every purchase of the self care kit, you will also get a link to a printable file that you can download at the convenience of your own home. In the printable file, you can download and print the score summary cards, log sheets & log book unlimited times. However I would like to stress that it is NOT to be distributed! (I’ll be keeping track of the downloads)

What you will get:
1x Self Care Stamps (Set of 20)
1x Memo-pad (Log sheet)
1x Booklet (Log book) // This is available in 3 colors as seen, but the color you get will be picked at random
1x A Peace of Mind Print-Out Set // Contains 7 print-outs of my drawings
12x Score Summary Cards (3 Strips of 4)
1x Printable File

You can watch the introduction of the self care kit here in detail :

As you heard from the video, this project means a lot to me and I hope you will benefit from them and can give these kits a happy home x

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