Housekeeping of the Mind - Art Print

Housekeeping of the Mind - Art Print


our mind is one of the most important parts of our body, and it should be treated with tender loving care. through this illustration i wanted to show how lovely our state of mind can be if it is well-organized & taken care of optimally.

a mere positive thought (the seed) when planted can have a myriad of wonderful effects on the mind. these seeds are collected and they grow into a beautiful garden. your creative juices flow endlessly like a waterfall, and these juices are collected and turned into many amazing, wonderful ideas. there is an abundance of inspirations that flutter around like butterflies, and they fly right into your nets to inspire you to create incredible things. the knowledge you endlessly absorb and learn every day grows on bushes and trees as light bulbs, and these light bulbs can be used to light the way when you are navigating any path that comes your way.

the books you read and the films you watch are all tucked away in a corner of your mind, organized neatly in boxes. the good habits you develop are harvested as carrots from the garden, and bad habits are juiced and stored in jars, ready to be transported out.

feelings are filtered by pipes into positive and negative ones. positive feelings such as happiness, love and gratitude are linked to little fountains that our little friends of the mind use to water the land and they grow into beautiful trees bearing fruits of different kinds.

negative feelings such as anxiety, sadness, fear, jealousy and pain are all linked to tanks that our little friends of the mind collect and store in little jars to be transported out of our systems. anger, shows as fire that keeps igniting itself when you flare up. but don’t worry, there will always be someone there on stand-by to put out the fire. negative feelings are valid, and once you have felt what you needed to feel, let them go and trust that they will be taken care of and out of your system.

i hope the good memories will always accompany you. and your mind functions optimally when you have a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle - optimal levels of sleep, exercise, food and water.

i hope this inspires you to give your mind the tender loving care it deserves, and i hope looking at this will give you a peace of mind, knowing that everything is in order. (and if it’s not, you know what to do!)

this print is approx 17.7cm x 25.1cm, printed on thick card stock (thickness of a postcard).

it acts as a keepsake of my artwork for you and you can use it to decorate your wall, your desk or even frame it up. try to avoid the prints from being exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods to maintain them for a longer time.

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