In The Mood for Sky Film Strip Stickers (Set of 13)

In The Mood for Sky Film Strip Stickers (Set of 13)


I have always loved capturing moments of the sky and after collecting these sky photos for a long time, I finally am able to release this sticker set which consists of the sky photos I have collected so far in a film strip format!

These are printed on clear sticker sheets which gives them a “see-through” effect when you peel them off, so they are able to resemble actual film strips! They are also waterproof so you can not only use them in your journals, you can also stick them on your journal covers, phone cases, water bottles, laptops, etc.

You will get a set of 13 film strip stickers. You can choose to use them as an entire film strip, or cut them up into individual photos like I have done so in my journals! I have decided not to insert cut lines within each strip because I understand that there might be some of you who would want to use them as an entire strip so I would like to give you the flexibility to choose from both styles. If you would like to use them as individual photos, all you have to do is cut evenly in between each photo!

I hope you like these, these photos are very close to my heart and they hold special meanings for me at every sunrise, sunset and nightfall. I hope they accompany you well, and touch your soul in the same way they touched mine. <3

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