Life Through My Eyes - Sticker Sheet (Set of 3)

Life Through My Eyes - Sticker Sheet (Set of 3)

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These are from a collection of photos that I have taken myself that I personally really love because of the fact that these are able to put me in a mood that is quiet and nostalgic, similar to how the moments before sundown and quiet breezy nights make me feel. I loved capturing the stillness in each little moment that people tend to overlook.

You will get these stickers in a set of 3, and you can choose from the normal matte sticker sheet option and also the premium vinyl sticker sheet option! If you’re not sure of the difference between both of them, you can refer to the general guide below:

Normal Matte Sticker Sheet - These are ideal for sticking inside your journal pages and they are sprayed on with a protective spray to help make them last longer. However they are not waterproof and should be kept away from direct sunlight exposure to ensure that they last longer.

Premium Vinyl Sticker Sheet - These are ideal not only for your journal spreads, but because they are also waterproof and more durable, they can also be used to decorate your journal covers, phone cases, water bottles, laptops, etc.

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